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Monday - Friday 7:00am to 7:00pm       

Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm       

Closed Sunday

Phone: (585) 978-7110

New City Cafe -  The role of the New City Cafe in working toward the fulfillment of 441 Ministries Mission of seeing hope - healing - holistic development through the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Beechwood neighborhood is multi-faceted. The establishment of the cafe has brought an element of hope to this underserved neighborhood. The commitment and creativity of the larger Body of Christ in coming together in providing time, talent, and treasure to see the realities of neighborhood teen employment, career guidance, and certainly an alternative to the street corner cannot be underestimated. So far we've been able to employ five teens. For far too long many urban neighborhoods have been left behind not only by those in government, but unfortunately in some cases by the church as well. 

While a coffee shop in itself may do little to lift up the community around it, God's people intentionality living out the gospel in the day to day, moving in, investing in, and interceding for their neighbors may achieve eternal benefits. Providing a gathering place for the community to come together, developing and deepening relationships, and walking alongside one another in life, has the potential to bridge many of the divisions our society suffers from. Our two music and art events held so far have provided us with a glimpse of what neighborhood transformation can look like. Neighbors of every age, ethnicity, and socio-economic background have joined together to enjoy great art, smooth jazz, and most importantly, community.



New City Cafe was birthed in our teen program, where discipleship and mentoring are the focus. The cafe will allow some of these mentoring relationships to continue with specific focus on employment and valuable skill building along with discipleship. The second storefront at 441 Parsells had been empty for a couple years, and will be a great space for a cafe. It is our hope that this will be an asset to the neighborhood: teens will gain skills and build positive relationships, the business will empower and build up the community without losing any of the flavor of the neighborhood, and of course our neighbors will have a place to get a great cup of coffee!



To develop a culture of sustainable growth in young adults, by training up the whole person: mind, body, soul, and spirit.

  • Mind: To offer a different lens by which they can view themselves and God.

  • Body: To physically train them new skillsets that will prepare them for a career as certified baristas, customer service representatives, or managers.

  • Soul: To know them as individual persons and to create a safe environment that cultivates deep relationships, where trust can be established.

  • Spirit: To model what it means to have a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ


The transformational process at New City Cafe is based upon a discipleship strategy that leads young people to discover their God-given potential. The 5 R’s of God’s plan for “Re-Neighboring” are Reach, Reveal, Renew, Realize, and Restore. God has called us to reach our employees where they are, reveal their brokenness and need of a Savior, renew their minds to a new way of thinking, realize their full potential in Christ, and restore their lives to where God has purposed. In the context of a cafe business, we seek to join God by allowing these five truths to guide our discipleship and employment approach


The core teachings at New City Cafe are rooted in the eternal biblical principles outlined in the mission of 441 Ministries. Combining these practices into a cohesive transformational process for “re-neighboring” provides our employees with the best possible mentorship and training program for their future.

Our little corner of Rochester

Our little corner of Rochester

New City Cafe Menu


Espresso 2.75 Macchiatto 3.00 Cortado 3.00 Cappuccino 6oz/3.25 - 12oz/4.75

Latte 10oz / $3.75 - 16oz / $5.25 Iced 16oz / $3.75 Americano 8oz / $3.00 - 16oz / $4.00 Iced 160z / $3.00 : add espresso shot 1.00 syrup 0.50 vanilla / chocolate / caramel / hazelnut

Non-Dairy (no up charge) almond, soy, oat


Drip Coffee to Stay: 2.00

To Go: 8oz / $1.00 - 12oz / $1.50 - 16oz / $2.00 Pour Over 2.00-3.00


Breakfast Sandwich 4.75 Bagel(w spread) 2.00 Muffin 2.50 Donut 1.50 Oatmeal 3.75 Wrap 6.00

All prices include tax

Other Drinks

Tea 12oz/2.50 Iced tea 16oz/3.00 Hot Chocolate 10oz/3.00 - 16oz/4.00 Smoothie 16oz/5.00 RedJacket Juice 2.75 Fiz Soda 1.50


Latte 10oz/3.75 - 16oz/5.25 Iced latte 16oz/3.50

Chai Tea 12oz / $2.50 Iced Chai Tea 16oz / $3.00